American vs. European Roulette at Video Roulette

Anyone who is new to roulette will likely want to know the differences between American and European roulette. Both versions of this popular casino games can be found at video roulette site, but choosing between the two can be a trick. The odds are different as are the payouts, so players should be sure to understand and compare the two before making even a single wager. In a nutshell, European roulette offers players the best overall odds while American roulette has the highest payouts. In European roulette, there are 36 numbered pockets and one zero pockets, meaning that players have a one in 37 chance of landing on zero. In American roulette, however, there are two zero pockets--one single zero and one double zero. This drastically decreases the player's odds, making a win harder to achieve. Video roulette offers both variations of the game, and like most Internet casinos that do, video roulette adjusts the payout scale according to the player's odds.
How to Win at Roulette
Regardless of the variation of roulette that players choose, there are some simple tips, strategy and guide they should keep in mind to increase their overall chances of winning. Awesome tips for playing Video-Roulette are now available through the partner site. The casino players love this game. That's why it's been a top game in casino game popularity rankings. Now you can see the game and enjoy all the benefits of casino membership. On the virtual roulette table, players will notice a grid in which they can place their chosen bets. Players are not restricted to a single bet; in fact, they can place as many as they want per spin. While the single number bets may seem tempting with a payout of 36:1 or 37:1, the odds of actually winning this bet are slim. Instead, players should stick to what is known as 'even bets'. This means that players should wager on things like red or black, even or odd, and the first or the last half of the numbers. While the payouts are smaller and pay only even money--which is why they are called even bets--players stand a much better chance of coming out ahead in the long run.