Sic Bo Guide

Sic Bo is a casino tournaments game that is somewhat similar to craps but is played using three dice as opposed to two. The odds of the game and the types of bets that can be placed are also very similar in nature.

Strategy and House Edge

Winning at Sic Bo requires players to create a strategy that allows them to choose a bet with a low house edge; a house edge is a commission the house takes from every payout. In this Popular Games , however, the odds and payout tables are manipulated in such a way that the house is more likely to win in all but just a few scenarios. The best strategy is to place even betsè'‰hey are referred to as large and small bets.

Small and Large Bets

With small and large bets, players are essentially wagering that they will roll a number combination between four and 10 for a small bet or between 11 and 17 for a large bet. Though other combinations and wagers are certainly possible, players should remember to avoid mistakes that the best strategy is to select the wagers with the lowest house edge. Small and large bets lower the house edge as much as possible and are therefore the best bets in any scenario.

Other Bets

Some of the other bets in the game include the ability to wager on triples; this means that a player will bet that they roll a three or an 18, either one of which can only be created with three like sums on the dice. The payout here is huge, but the odds of winning are so slim that the bet is almost worthless. Players can also bet on a single number combination for a higher payout, but again, the odds are very slim.

In short, players of basics poker who really want to win at Sic Bo should stick with small and large bets, only straying from this occasionally to throw some excitement into the mix. This way, players can better manage their bankrolls and have a better chance of coming out ahead.